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After more than 15 years, The Buddyrevelles return with the first of three 4-song EPs, The Consolation.

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A long (abbreviated) history

The Buddyrevelles were formed in 1997 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin by Aaron Grant (guitar & vocals), Scott Hoch (bass & vocals), and Dan Reinholdt (drums).

In 1998, the band recorded and released their first album, September, November on Motorcoat Records and subsequently relocated to Chicago. The album’s melodic layered guitars, vulnerable vocals, taut over-driven bass, and propulsive drumming introduced the band’s distinct but accessible pop sound to the public. Their second album, American Matador was released in 2000. Through it, the band showed a willingness to experiment with increasingly complex song structures and inspired instrumental breaks, while managing to keep their sound firmly rooted in the indie-rock idiom. After a few years, and some major life changes, they released their third album,  Don’t Quit, the band’s first release on Chicago’s Solitaire Records, which found them distilling the very best of their previous work into a lithe, muscular 32 minutes of indie pop bliss.

With a newfound sense of purpose and a wealth of life experiences to draw from, they are poised to release new music. The Consolation will be the first of three 4-song EPs. The writing process combines newer ideas with pieces that have been marinating for a while, resulting in songs that feel simultaneously familiar and innovative. The EP was engineered and mixed by Aaron at home in Chicago, with Scott recording his vocals and bass parts from his home outside of Milwaukee. The offering brings a level of maturity to some of the older songs the band has been tinkering with for years, while at the same time capturing some of the youth that bursts from the speakers on their newer pieces.

On stage, 1999
Live in Minneapolis, 1999
On stage, 2014
On stage in Eau Claire, 2014
The Consolation album cover

The Consolation EP

The Buddyrevelles return in 2024 with four newly recorded songs and a plan for future releases.


A look back at our previous releases.

You can currently stream all of our albums on Spotify. If you’re interested in owning a physical CD, you can buy them directly from us.

Don’t Quit

Solitaire Records, 2007 

American Matador album cover

American Matador

Motorcoat Records, 2000

September, November

Motorcoat Records, 1998


A handful of reviews from our past releases.

“The band sounds like a cross between Chicago post-rock, the best Galaxie 500 material, and the hope of a better future. On September, November, these guys’ll rock your house with just over an hour’s worth of the sweetest, most hummable pop this side of perfection.”

Pitchfork Media

“The Buddyrevelles make some of the best of the genre on their second album, American Matador, with a powerhouse drummer who anchors the angular guitar lines as they drift into an unresolved state, and melodies that are worth remembering.”

“Gorgeous melodies lurk around every corner, as do layers upon layers of beautiful guitar-bass interaction.”


“Great moody pop with truly wonderful interwoven guitar lines throughout. the buddyrevelles have their own distinct sound and style…and in today’s world, that is a rare thing indeed.”


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