Reviews of American Matador


"One, Two" is a perfect example of the benefits resulting from the slightly thicker, more complex sound the band has chosen to explore on their latest record. Time changes, layered guitars, and a generally expanded musical vocabulary make American Matador's better moments a true step forward for an already excellent band. More...


“The Buddyrevelles make some of the best of the genre on their second album, American Matador, with a powerhouse drummer who anchors the angular guitar lines as they drift into an unresolved state, and melodies that are worth remembering.” More...


“Gorgeous melodies lurk around every corner, as do layers upon layers of beautiful guitar-bass interaction.” More...


“Great moody pop with truly wonderful interwoven guitar lines throughout. the buddyrevelles have their own distinct sound and style…and in today’s world, that is a rare thing indeed.” More...

reviews of September, November


“The band sounds like a cross between Chicago post-rock, the best Galaxie 500 material, and the hope of a better future. On September, November, these guys’ll rock your house with just over an hour’s worth of the sweetest, most hummable pop this side of perfection.” More...

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